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Denim Dream money

A customer’s discount of 5% applies to all the customers who have signed up on the online store of Denim Dream. The discount can be seen when you make the payment.

In addition, the money you saved with the 5% discount will be stored on your account as additional discount, which is called “Denim Dream money”.

You can collect and use your “Denim Dream money” with both full-priced and discounted products. The customer discount of 5% only applies to full-priced products.

“Denim Dream money“ can be used to pay for up to 30% of the payable purchase price.

The conditions may be different during campaign seasons.


A registered customer adds jeans that cost 100 euros to their shopping cart. The final price they must pay will be 95 euros thanks to the customer discount of 5% and the 5 euros they saved will be stored on their account as “Denim Dream money”. When they make their next order, they can get 5 euros of additional discount in addition to the 5% discount.

Let us suppose that for their next order they will buy a jacket that costs 80 euros. The displayed price is 76 euros thanks to the 5% discount, but in addition they can use the 5 euros of “Denim Dream money” they earned with their previous order. In that case, the final price of the product is 71 euros.
The customer can again use the 4 euros of “Denim Dream money” they earned with the 5% customer discount (80–76) as an additional discount with their next order.

However, you are not obligated to use your “Denim Dream money” every time you purchase something; you can also collect it for a period of time to get a larger discount on later orders. This is why the option “Use Denim Dream money” is in the shopping cart.

In case of return, used „Denim Dream money“ is given back  to Customer and earned Denim Dream money is taken back  from the Customer. If there is no sufficient amount of Denim Dream money left on the Customer’s account, the account of Denim Dream money will be overdrawn.

You can see the amount of your “Denim Dream money” after logging in to your online store account or in the shopping cart.

Please also read our FAQs section and Terms of Use.