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Caring for shoes makes them last longer!
Before buying shoes, you should understand their purpose and conditions of use. It is important to choose shoes in the right size (width and length) and of appropriate material. When buying, you should definitely try on both shoes, making sure that the shoe is not too tight and the foot has enough room. Shoes should also not be too big.

Leather types and methods of care 
Leather with painted surface – the leather’s pattern is not visible from underneath the paint.
Shoes should be cleaned regularly. Remove loose dirt with a cloth and cover the shoes with a cream that both cares and gives the shoes a gloss. The care product must be left to dry. After that, polish the shoes either with a clean cloth or a shoe brush.
Shoes should be cleaned with a special care product from time-to-time which makes the shoe water and dirt repellent.
Patent leather – smooth leather treated with a special gloss paint

Suede and velour leather – thin calf or goat leather with a furry surface (split)

• If needed, dry shoes can be cleaned with special brushes and sponges. This way you can remove dust and loose dirt. Then rub the dirty places with a suede brush or treat them with a special care product. Allow to dry and finally brush the shoe carefully in one direction.
• It is important to protect suede leather from moisture – use special care products to make the surface water-repellent.


Aniline leather – gentle leather that has been painted with aniline dyes; the leather’s natural pattern has been retained

• Clean carefully, removing loose dirt with special brushes or sponges. Care with special waxes and oils.

Nubuck leather – silky leather with a surface that has been made furry
• Only use saturant care products to feed the leather.
• Care similarly to suede and velour leather (brushes + nubuck stone).
• It is important to protect the shoes from moisture.

Russia leather – dull-treated, slightly oily leather
• Not to be confused with nubuck leather! Shoes made of Russia leather have greater tolerance to moisture and weather conditions.
• First clean with a soft brush or cloth. Then use special oils as care products.

Textile – materials of different textiles
Remove dried dirt with a soft brush.
• Similarly to suede leather shoes, use special products to remove stains.
• Protect from moisture, use water-repellent products.

Synthetic materials – various leather substitutes
• Clean with a soft brush or a silicone sponge, and if needed, with a wet cloth or wash with water.
• Protect from moisture.